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next generation intermediary services

next generation intermediary services

Grow your market share using our network
We offer high volume customer acquisition services to insurers and credit providers wanting to expand their market share in South Africa.​

​Our clients gain access to over 30 partner sales call centers, instant digital distribution and e-commerce enablement, allowing increased sale capacity with no additional procurement or infrastructure costs.

With over 30 years experience in the life insurance and credit industry, call center management and direct to consumer marketing – we understand what it takes to sell insurance.

changing the way insurance is sold

We know that the secret to making great quality sales at volume requires having the right leads, the right sales processes and the right technology. We have been successfully selling insurance products to the mass and middle market since 2017, servicing clients in South Africa, Ghana and the Middle East.

Our solution offers high quality POC’s that form the basis of scalable campaigns. Our clients know us to be experts in our field, dedicated to growing their market share. 

Reach Republic is a reliable and strong partner to add to your growth partnerships.

Our mission is to eliminate distribution barriers by crafting innovative solutions and working closely with carefully selected partners in the sales, leads and technology arena. 

a few of our wins

millions in embedded value

Helped a company launch its first cold (modelled) lead and hot SMS lead campaigns. This ongoing portfolio created by those campaigns recently exceeded R100 million in embedded value.

awards for our clients

On more than one occasion we have helped our clients in Africa and the Middle East to win prestigious awards.

speedy access to call centre seats

Linked directly to 4 sales call centres successfully making sales for insurance and credit products. Took less than a month to initiate. Less than 6 months to reach 500 seats.

improved ntu rates​

Helped a major insurance company dramatically increase its sales with better quality (NTU) rates than they had previously experienced. To date thousands of new sales have been created.

our services

how does it work?​​

Contact us now to find out more about our intermediary solution – let us help you exceed your insurance sales targets

Our managed call centre solutions allow our clients to enjoy a single procurement and management partner while gaining access to multiple fulfillment channels.  

Our clients can access:

Leads Builder


We generate high volume, high converting, pre-screened POPIA-friendly leads across multiple direct to consumer channels (including digital, TV, SMS, call centre warm-up and face to face agents).

The leads are aggregated into one centralised engine to remove duplicates and incomplete leads. A decision engine optimally routes unique leads in real time.  

Additional value can be gained through the use of bespoke scorecards / selection  criteria and bureau segmentation.  World class analytics is our secret sauce as we aim to maximise the value of your campaigns by scaling the right lead generation activities.